Farming Simulator

A farming simulator, in which you start the game as a farmer who has at his disposal a small fleet of old and worn-out equipment, a small capital, and a couple of small fields. The start of the game and the initial technique make it possible to engage only in agriculture, where you must cultivate the fields, plow, cultivate, and fertilize - everything is like in real farming life.

During the development and improvement of your technology, it becomes possible to engage in animal husbandry and logging. By getting a new crop and selling it, you get money that you can spend on buying newer machinery, fields, equipment, etc. You build your own strategy - you can immediately sell the harvest, or you can accumulate it in special storage facilities and wait for more suitable prices for sale. During the gameplay, there is a change of day and night, precipitation falls, which also affects your crops.

In addition to the standard gameplay, many mods and updates for Farming Simulator are currently available, which you can download in the appropriate section on the website. The latest version of Farming Simulator 22 was released on 2022.

The series of games is available on many platforms such as PS3-4, PC, Xbox, as well as mobile versions of the game. All versions have multiplayer.